Sobre o LaMatE

O LAMATE – Laboratório de Materiais Elétricos – é um espaço acadêmico para desenvolvimento de projetos e orientação científica para a Graduação, a Pós-Graduação e a prestação deste serviço a toda a Extensão da Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina.



LAMATE focuses its scientific exploration in fundamental knowledge generation concerning the electronic and structural properties of complex nanostructured materials  for applications in electronic and optoelectronic devices, based on a bottom-up strategy.


LAMATE’s main area of action is Nanotechnology and focuses its efforts on developing new functional materials (nanocomposites, hybrid printed circuits, new organic molecules) based on a Bottom-Up approach, which can be applied directly in integrated solutions for energy generation (photovoltaic cells) and storage (supercapacitors).


Human resources

LAMATE acts also on high level human resources formation, and counts with a multidisciplinary team composed by Undergrad students, Master and PhD students and Post-Docs of several areas, including Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, Electronic and Electrical  Engineering and Computer Science.